Write A Blog, Feed A Shelter Dog

This blog post is a bit different from my usual 'wet dog' fare. It is however for a cause very close to my heart...helping dogs. Pedigree has given everyone an opportunity to make a HUGE difference You can make a difference too. It is simple...read on!
Each year, more than 4 million dogs end up in shelters and breed rescue organizations. Pedigree created The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive to help shine a spotlight on the plight of these homeless dogs.
Now for the really Pawsome part!...Pedigree has given everyone a chance to help feed shelter dogs simply by writing a blog post!  It is a wonderful opportunity that, I, and bloggers everywhere have to make a huge difference.
For each blog that posts about the PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive through September 19th, PEDIGREE® will donate a 20lb. bag of their new Healthy Longevity Food for Dogs to shelters nationwide. It’s just that simple: Write a post, help a dog.
AND... the dog food drive is not limited to pet blogs. So spread the word to all the bloggers you know!
Once your blog post is written, simply go to this link: Life With Dogs 
Scroll down to the comment box and leave your info...Simple...PAWSOME!

And while we are on the subject, check out their facebook page also because this year the PEDIGREE Adoption Drive is raising awareness for homeless dogs by donating a bowl of food to shelter dogs for everyone who becomes a “Fan” or “Likes” The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive on Facebook. So far more than 1 million bowls have been donated. 

Roscoe  – (September 16, 2010 at 11:49 PM)  

You are wooftastic!!!! I is glad to see others helping our shelter cousins!

giant wet kisses!

Flogistix  – (November 17, 2012 at 10:27 PM)  

I really like the content of your post... I love the dogs...cool.

wellhead compression

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