Happy Hanna

Welcome Pretty Girl!

Hanna is a happy 7 1/2 year old Husky Retreiver mix. She has just finished her 3 day Orientation swims. She is very comfortable in the water now, and is enjoying her swims. She was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia when she was 3 years old.

Her Humans have managed to maintain her weight and her exercise level so her hips have only just started to bother her. Arthritis is now setting in.

She now has been diagnosed with a Thyroid Issue which is making it more difficult to keep her weight under control. Swimming will help her with her weight control...and of course her hips!

And she likes it!



Rocky is a 6 year old Black Lab that came to us needing to lose weight. Quite a lot of weight. At his largest Rocky weighed in at an incredible 134 lbs. Rocky has other issues, he has mild Hip Dysplasia and was exercise intolerant. Not a real active dog by nature according to his Pawrents, Rocky is very happy just relaxing.

While he is more of an English Lab type, generally a stockier body, Rocky can no longer get away with being just "big boned"!
Having hip problems and being obese is a recipe for dog disaster. Taking Rocky for a walk was actually doing him no favors. He had no energy, no will to do anything other than amble over to his bowl.
Rocky was caught in a  no win situation, that had to change...otherwise Rocky may not see 7. 

His first few visits he just hung in the water...not moving. It took a few visits to get him to actually swim, In the begining it was a huge success to get him to swim half way down the  pool.
Now Rocky can swim two entire laps of the pool without resting, and he does it by himself. ( We use to have to kind of push/poke him to move) 
Rocky is wearing a "Snood" it's like a doggie bathing cap. It is perfect for dogs that are bothered by water in their ears. Rocky rides pretty low in the water and he was getting water in his ears.

Rocky has been swimming weekly for about 4 months now. His Pawrents report he is much more active at home. He now enjoys going for walks (short ones still) and he has more interest in life in general.  He is a  much much happier doggie.

On this picture day Rocky weighed in at 105lbs.

Our goal weight for Rocky is 90lbs. 
Come on Rocky one more lap around the pool...


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