Maya....Inside and Out

Welcome to Maya!  It's nice to meet you. We are so very glad we are here for you!
 In a moment you will all see why.
 Maya is a 5 month old Mastiff mix. Maya is going to be a  very big girl.
 Our relationship with Maya is going to be a long one, but it will be a wonderful one!

Without further ado, allow us to introduce you to Maya...Inside and Out.

Maya's Pawrents say she is a sweetie that loves everyone. We have already fallen in love with Maya!

Maya's X-Rays are indeed quite horrid. You do not need to know how to read an X-Ray to be able to see what is going on.  This is about as bad as it gets for hips. Thankfully we have dealt with hips as bad as this before, with great success! Maya has two wonderful humans who are committed to her well being, and, she has us.
 Maya is going to be just fine!

Maya is still a baby and with swimming we can help to shape her development in a positive way. Building muscle and strengthening the ligaments around her bones will help her as she is growing. It will also allow her to live a relatively pain free life.
Maya will have to swim to maintain quality of life. Surgery is not an option for her. Her vet said the only surgery she would ever have would be 'salvage surgery'. Our other "hipless" dogs have done, and continue to do very well without surgery. We have great hope that Maya will be able to follow in their pawprints.

While we cannot make Maya as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, we can  sure make her feel it!


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