We Three Shepherds...

 These three came to us within a week of each other. All three have suffered traumatic injuries.



Tiegen is a youngster who, in a moment of exuberance leapt the wrong way and suffered a compound fracture. She had a complicated surgery, with pins and rods and bone grafts...oh my! This resulted in her injured leg being almost 2" shorter. She has recovered beautifully, you would never know watching her move that she suffered such an injury.
Good Girl Tiegen!

Gia is now 3 years old. Gia and her brother  came to live with their new Mom later in their life. Perhaps unfamiliar with her new surroundings, or perhaps she thought she could fly...Gia attempted to clear the gate of a chain link fence. She did not quite make it over. Her back leg got caught in the decorative thingy's on the top of the gate. Gasp!!
She suffered multiple injuries, but thanks to her Mom's diligence, excellent care and lots of love she is doing wonderfully.
Good Girl Gia!

Finn, this handsome hard working guy was injured on the job. Finn has recently retired from our local Sheriff Department due to an injury he suffered while on a track. His injury was so traumatic his recovery to date has been slow and not totally successful. We aim to change that!
Good Boy! "Swim Finn"


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