Seriously! My Favorite Picture of Argus!

This is my absolute favorite picture of Argus!...Really? Yup really! Read on to find out why.

Argus is a rescue that had a pretty rough start before he was found by his wonderful human Suzanne. He is a 6 year old Pyrenees-Akbash  mix.
Argus had TPLO surgery in December. He is a big boy and being a big dog he needs  a leg to speak with getting everything back in line. Big dogs have a much  more difficult time than smaller dogs bouncing back from a surgery like this.

This was Argus when he first came to us. He needs to strengthen his muscles.

...see we really meant he had to get things "back in line"...

Even though Argus has four legs...he was really only using three.  This was Argus arriving for his second swim. Look at his tail wag! He is such a sweet happy guy.

Well Big Guy...we have work to do.
Argus was not really an active guy due to his physical limitations, thus his recovery is much longer than say, a more athletic dog.

Argus got with the program right away! We had to start him out very very slowly.

Argus could not take too much activity at first. Twice a week was all he could do.
He could only swim a couple of minutes total each appointment in the beginning.

He was so tired after his swim, he is more than happy to have a 'little help from his friend' exiting the pool. He is one long legged dude!

Upon leaving the pool he would have to rest

  just barely getting all of himself on dry land...then the resting...

He had to rest for a long... long... time.

His was so spent he could not stand up. It was like he had jelly legs. The first times he swam he rested longer than he was in the pool.We always let him dictate when it was time to get up.

Argus has been swimming now about a dozen times. Spread over a period of approximately two months. His Mom says he is feeling so much better. She has noticed a big difference in his overall attitude at home.

He is doing things he has not done in long time, and he is moving so much better, With this in mind I wanted to get a picture of him in the office and compare it to the first pictures I posted of him above.
I never got that picture of Argus in the office!

As usual Bill lifts Argus out of the pool. We all think he is going to lay down and rest as he usually does. He just gets himself laid down, he notices me standing there with my camera in hand.
This my favorite picture is the result of...

 Argus LEAPING UP to see me!!

We all stood there mouths agape! I wish someone took that picture! We were speechless. He leapt up! 
LOL... I am amazed I managed to snap the picture, it was purely reflex.

Now I would like to share with you my second favorite picture.
This was also an accident of sorts. We were still celebrating the leap he made from laying down to standing, I was concentrating on his back leg and how straight and beautiful it looked.
I totally missed the beautiful moment going on at the other end!

 Argus beauty at both ends.



Are You The One?

We  need one more piece to help complete the puzzle that is Ada's life. She began her life as a stray living on the streets of Istanbul Turkey, a baby paralyzed and homeless. Her journey soon will take her to Upstate New York for swimming with The Dog Swimmerer. This scenario seems unlikely...yet it will happen. It will happen with the help of one special family.
We need a foster family for Ada. Her foster family must live in the Rochester New York area, or close enough for you to be comfortable bringing Ada to us for swimming three times a week in the beginning, the frequency will decrease over time. The frequency  and duration will be set by Ada's progress.

Please take a moment and Meet AdaAda is incredibly lucky the wonderful people at Let's Adopt! Global found her. She was fighting to survive on the streets of Istanbul

Ada is approximately 7 months old...a baby still. Thanks to the excellent care from the wonderful people at Let's Adopt! Global Ada has gone from being totally paralyzed to now walking. We are told she is doing excellent!  She walks but it is a bit of a wobbly walk, and she is prone to falling. All this can be overcome once we get her in the water.

After reading of Ada's plight, and watching her video we knew we had to help her.

The determination Ada has shown to first survive her rough beginning, then to overcome all she has from total paralysis to wobbly walking...
Please click on  The Evolution of Ada  Read what her rescuers have to say about her, there is also a video of Ada there walking in the special "walking machine" they made for her at the clinic.

. All her expenses are covered for her International Travel to the USA, thanks to Ada's saviours at Let's Adopt! Global. Once she arrives here all her swimming is covered. All her foster family has to do is love her, feed her, and bring her to swimming.

If after you read this, and after you watch Ada's videos, if you think you can help Please contact us. Ada is waiting. We are at our legal limit of dogs, if we could Foster Ada she would be here already and this blog entry would be to tell you all how wonderful she is and how she is loving swimming and how she is now a normal puppy!
Alas...that is not the case...not yet.
Call us at 585-352SWIM if you would like more info on Ada, or email either jill or bill .

Thank you all in advance...


Maya....Inside and Out

Welcome to Maya!  It's nice to meet you. We are so very glad we are here for you!
 In a moment you will all see why.
 Maya is a 5 month old Mastiff mix. Maya is going to be a  very big girl.
 Our relationship with Maya is going to be a long one, but it will be a wonderful one!

Without further ado, allow us to introduce you to Maya...Inside and Out.

Maya's Pawrents say she is a sweetie that loves everyone. We have already fallen in love with Maya!

Maya's X-Rays are indeed quite horrid. You do not need to know how to read an X-Ray to be able to see what is going on.  This is about as bad as it gets for hips. Thankfully we have dealt with hips as bad as this before, with great success! Maya has two wonderful humans who are committed to her well being, and, she has us.
 Maya is going to be just fine!

Maya is still a baby and with swimming we can help to shape her development in a positive way. Building muscle and strengthening the ligaments around her bones will help her as she is growing. It will also allow her to live a relatively pain free life.
Maya will have to swim to maintain quality of life. Surgery is not an option for her. Her vet said the only surgery she would ever have would be 'salvage surgery'. Our other "hipless" dogs have done, and continue to do very well without surgery. We have great hope that Maya will be able to follow in their pawprints.

While we cannot make Maya as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, we can  sure make her feel it!


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